Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Final Frontier

So I'm sitting at my desk engaged in the busy work that will not be remembered a year from now, if that.  A whole life's work washed away by the tide.  And I get it.  We are all just doing our part to keep the human enterprise going.  Part of the collective.

And when it ends all we have is assimilated back into the cosmic oneness.  

Still I will miss this body, these daughters, this life which I love.

But I know at some level, this is all ego.  For its not really my life.  And what I think I have is not really what I think it is.  And that perhaps when I return to what I always have been that it will be so incredible that I will not be able to stand it before I do stand it.  Eternal bliss.   There is no choice.  That is our destiny.

But its still goddamn scary.  And I cling tenaciously to this life.  May there be a path to appreciate this life more completely with the revelation of how it will end.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Traveling (I Guess)

We do not live in a simulation.  But that is the only concept we have to describe it.  We can only describe reality in words and concepts that we know.   So when what were are used to living in changes, what we formerly thought of as our reality becomes a simulation.  That is the only concept we have to describe it at present.   If you have any other ideas, please let me know....lol

Space is not the final frontier.  Space is also a construct of the human mind.  What we think of as space can be signified with different symbols, concepts and ideas.  Its not about traveling in space.  There are no aliens in spaceships.  That is our own projection of what it would aliens look like.  We have spaceships, so we think other beings in the universe would travel with a more advanced versions of what we know.  So when we see something foreign, something incredible occurs, it is not surprising that people would think there are aliens, because that is the best we can do with the tools we have.  If you have any other ideas, please let me know...lol

Its not about traveling.  Its about opening up.  Opening up is about giving up.  Its all around us.  Even the aliens.  What would they need interstellar travel when they are already here?

It don't begin to understand this.  How to explain the unexplainable?  The ineffable.  That is the whole point.

Somebody said when Father Thomas Keating died he had almost transformed into spirit along the way.  Death was not an abrupt transition.  He simply returned to what he always ways and always had been. He simply harmonized with the universe, a process that began long ago for him.