Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Third Book of the Harvest, "The Ascension"

And it came to be on the third day the scattered pieces

spread out on the land like so many seeds

and Emo saw that this was good and formed an assembly proclaiming:

"may his seed bring forth upon this Earth all manner of grasses and fruit in abundance."

And thus it was so.

And then she gathered me in again and when I could see, touch, taste, and hear she soothed me with comforting words:

"Do not be afraid little one, you have been through this before, countless times over the eons.  It is too much for you to remember, but know this is your lot. Your life is nothing more than this.

You will sink back into yourself and forget this until we meet again.

But remember, dear one, that all is vanity

Though you will toil under the sun, there will be no gain

A generation goes, and a generation comes

but the Earth remains forever

What has been is what will be

And what has been done is what will be done

And there is nothing new under the sun

Do not be afraid little one, relax into your life

until we meet again.

(sleeping well in my new spiritual retreat, surprisingly adapting to life's "change" up :-))

Saturday, October 7, 2017

"Batdorf and Rodney", Poetry Fight Club, 20 minute Project October 6,2017

The Prompt:  Go into Dumb records, pick out an album, write a poem in twenty minutes.

This is what followed.  Of course, this is not a poem.  I suppose there still is a point in having directions even if you are not going to follow them.

The album I selected was Batdorf and Rodney's album titled "Life is You."

"Life is You"?, Really Batdorf and Rodney?  Whose idea was that?  How would you know?

So I look for clues.  I carefully examine the album cover and discover on close inspection my first clue:  a phone number, 443-8486.

So I call the number.  No answer.  But an answering machine:

"Hi you have reached the number of Corey Witt of the News Gazette, I'm not here right now, please leave a message after the tone."

I leave no message.  But this must be another clue.  I look around Dumb records.  Ok, who do I know around here that knows more about media than anyone else in Central Illinois?

Bingo:  Rachel Otwell.  The source for all things news.

My investigation reaches a new level.

I interview Rachel and learn the following:

1.  There is a newspaper in Champaign, Illinois called the News Gazette
2.  This album likely came from the old "Error" records in Champaign which closed.  Rachel confirmed that Dumb records acquired many LP's from this former business during its inception.

The plot thickens.

So I dust for fingerprints.

And do a DNA test

And I can now conclusively tell you that the DNA test proves within an acceptable margin of error

that life is indeed you.

You were right all along Batdorf and Rodney.

I close my case.